Take Care of Most Important Thing in Your Life

Your Thoughts create your life; every bit of it. Your life is a blend of joy and sorrow, dismay and excitement.

Just like thoughts create your life; it’s also true that your thoughts will be based on what life you have. Think of a time when every thing is going as per your will and plan.

You are happy and every morning you wake up with excitement while your brain produces positive thoughts.

On the other hand, if things are not happening in your favor,like for instance, you are having a strained relationship with your wife and things are going out of control.

That time all your thoughts would be negative and destructive. Hence, while thoughts create your life, the quality of thoughts is based on the state of your life and it is needed, a vicious cycle.

Thoughts lead to words andactions.

Words and action when repeated become habits. Any habit over a period of time becomes a behavioral pattern.

Based on the behavior your character is built and your destiny is shaped and that is why we say, ‘you don’t get what you expect, you get what you are.’

That means character decides your destiny. Destiny means the destinations you reach in your life.